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De Dietrich Cast Iron Boilers

Series GT Near Condensing Boilers

Flexible cast iron creates longer operating life and up to 88%+ efficiency!

Thanks to the most modern process and the high quality of its eutectic cast iron, De Dietrich manufactures the most flexible cast iron in the world.

It's elasticity is 30% greater than all other cast iron currently available, making the De Dietrich boiler shock proof at up to 81 degree differential!

The Eutectic cast iron is resistant to corrosion, so that any condensate formed inside the boiler runs through weep holes into the combustion chamber where it’s flashed off by the burner. Water supply temperatures as low as 105 degrees.

De Dietrich Cast Iron Boilers De Dietrich Cast Iron Boilers De Dietrich Cast Iron Boilers

Condensing Boilers Producing Up To 99%+ Efficiency

The De Dietrich Gas 310 ECO condensing boiler is a lightweight compact floor standing cast aluminum sectional condensing boiler. The small footprint and ability to be installed side by side make them ideally suited for modular configuration.

Features - Up to 81 degree temperature differential without thermal shock.

Integrated Control Panel - The control system is easily integrated with any BMS system.

Quiet Operation - The ECO boiler design provides quiet operation(<60 dBA).

Removable Panels - All ECO boilers have removable panels which allow servicing of the heat exchanger and control system.

Precision Pre-Mix Gas Burner System - Precise Honeywell gas/air ratio control system ensures clean, trouble free operation. Certified to <20 ppm NOx.

Cast Aluminum Heat Exchanger - Lightweight cast aluminum construction makes the De Dietrich ECO series one of the lightest boilers on the market.

Modular Installation - The Gas 310...ECO can be installed side by side in very tight spaces.

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